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Vanishing Shanghai

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Vanishing Shangai
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Tõnis Kimmel is an architect and designer from Estonia, based in Shanghai since 2010.  He graduated from the Estonian Academy of Arts in 2002 and got the award of the Estonian Cultural Endowment, among others, for his participation in the Jewish Synagogue project in Tallinn. About himself, Tõnis says: "There has hardly been anything in my life that inspires me more than the way people have shaped our environment, especially our buildings. In my work in China, I usually deal with new buildings and the old ones are there only to leave."  He has been part of the group of drawing enthusiasts called Drawing Shanghai, which goes out to draw the city every weekend and organises exhibitions to popularize their findings. Besides drawing, he says, the group has more and more started to stumble upon a different kind of Shanghainese beauty, especially that of the not so popular quarters of its historic downtown. From this exploration grew out the subseries that is called Vanishing Shanghai.

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