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No Grapes Here Next Year

When we first went to Tángfāng Lòng with Drawing Shanghai, we found streets full of life, with the signs urging to "Move out with Sunshine" (阳光搬迁) already up. Now in August,  most of the doors are walled up and houses have started to come down one by one.

The streets here are stunning with grape and sigua (丝瓜) vines hanging everywhere over the pathways, giving a shady feeling of being somewhere in the grape-growing villages of Xinjiang. The origin of the lane's name is sweet — Tangfang Lane got its name from being a maltose makers' abode(烧制麦芽糖作坊) in the past. Street names are juicier around here than elsewhere in Shanghai. We find traces of many other makers:
Tanners (Xiāopí Lane),
Basket weavers (Mièzhú Road) etc.

The quarters between the old city center and Huangpu riverside docks was a busy manufacturing and trade hub for centuries. Now it is one of the last downtown shantytowns to go down. Among the treasures we are about to lose here are some of the city's less-known old temples hiding here behind ordinary residential facades on Dōng Jiāngyīn Jiē (东江阴街). Can you find them?
See our sketches from the end of May in Drawing Shanghai Wechat blog.
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